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Trust Natural Choice Foods to repack your products into a private label, and increase your profits without exposing your brand.

Where everyone turns for a great deal

Natural Choice Foods is one of, if not the only company in USA that is able to serve the wholesale food, retail grocery and private label repacking markets. Food manufacturers have turned to us to move overstock and distressed inventory, and secondary retailers buy from us to increase their margins, all since 1997. How do we provide the right solutions for vendors and shoppers? It’s in our DNA.

Before founding Natural Choice Foods, Nels and Shane Eisenga had more than 20 years of combined experience dealing with the inventory and logistics challenges on the food manufacturing side. In 2013, Natural Choice Foods opened the first of several Daily Deals discount grocery stores, which has provided insights that help us better understand both retail customers and grocery vendors.

Today, our fleet of refrigerated equipment and network of common carrier trucking lines gives food manufacturers access liquidate overstock food products to our network of secondary retail outlets all over the country.

No Cherry Picking

We bundle buy superior, safe products without cherry picking the “good stuff”, take ownership and warehouse them in our 72,000 square foot facility.

We aren’t brokers

We buy and take custody of a greater breadth of high quality grocery products, which provides a true one-stop-shop experience to secondary retailers.

One Point of Contact

Your time is valuable. We get it. Which is why we have invested in a full-time logistics department that ensures pickups from vendors and deliveries to retailers are always on schedule. Throughout the entire chain of custody (or supply chain?), we maintain complete traceability for every product, which means the buck stops here with regards to food safety, adherence to industry guidelines and, of course, brand protection and advertising restrictions. Have confidence that your brand is safe with Natural Choice Foods.

Repack Facility

In 2018, Natural Choice Foods became one of the only companies in the United States to earn USDA and FDA certification for our food repacking facility, which allows us to repack, rebrand, and resell refrigerated and frozen food products under private labels. This brings our vendors’ high quality products to a wider audience, while completely protecting your brand. Read more about our Repack and Private Label services here.