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Quality and Certifications

Never discount the value of food safety & brand protection

In addition to full lot traceability for all grocery products in our custody, we have several programs in place that guarantee food safety. Our inventory control system and comprehensive food recall procedures guarantee that every single product we deliver is wholesome.

USDA & FDA Certified repack facility

The latest addition to our total grocery solutions is our repack facility. This state of the art facility is one of a few in the country that has earned both USDA and FDA certification.

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HACCP compliance

Our certified repack facility features a comprehensive food safety management system, and our diligent HACCP compliance is a key reason for that. We employ several HACCP managers, utilize outside labs and consultants, and have earned certifications that give everyone greater peace of mind.

HACCP Compliant

USDA & FDA Certified

 lot traceability