A leader in overstock & closeout food items.

Since 1997, Natural Choice Foods has been perfecting the business of moving and repacking overstock food. From the day we started—and every day since—we’ve done everything in the spirit of true partnership—and developed a set of capabilities that doesn’t just make us best in class, but in a class of our own.

From our own temperature-controlled facility, to a fleet of refrigerated trucks, we’re able to move overstock product quickly and efficiently, giving our suppliers and distributors not just a solution to their problem, but a partner they can rely on—making the process easier than ever imagined possible.



Natural Choice Foods

Capacity is our competitive advantage.

We’ve come a long way since buying our first refrigerated truck. Year over year, we’ve invested in our operation, and today Natural Choice Foods handles about 200,000 cases per week at our 135,000 square-foot Marne, Michigan facility. There’s plenty of space for cold storage, dry storage, and if you ever want a tour, there’s plenty of space for you as well.

Sustainability is part of our mission.

Food waste is a growing problem, and we’re working to change that. With over 1,000 secondary-market outlet stores in over 35 states, we have buyers for your food products. And what we can’t sell often gets donated to local food pantries and other organizations—to keep people fuller than the landfills.

Putting your brand before our buck.

We care as much about what’s outside the package as what’s inside. For the ultimate brand protection, we’ll ensure your items are repackaged safely, labeled appropriately, and sold through approved channels. We know the time and investment that goes into building a brand—and we’ll work as hard as you will to protect it.

We handle the entire logistics process.

Our vendors and customers count on our full-service logistics, shipping coordination, and warehousing capabilities—removing transportation barriers and bottlenecks. Along with our own fleet of refrigerated trucks, this coordinated effort speeds up the process between pickup and processing, whether the end result is direct distribution or repacking.

Taking as much of your overstock product as possible.

At Natural Choice Foods, doing the right thing means taking as much of your overstock product as possible. It means running a full-time logistics department and managing the freight in-house with speed and efficiency. It means handling hundreds of thousands of cases per week at our own storage facility—and it means honoring every brand protection guideline our vendors put in place.

Our certifications set us apart.

Our USDA, FDA, and GMP certified repack facility allows us to safely repack food products, providing brand protection and creating higher margins through private label products.

Meet Our Team

Natural Leaders

Who Make a Difference

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It takes so much more than a great facility or a fleet of trucks to warehouse grocery products and move them all over the country.

Our dynamic people make all the difference in all of our partnerships. In fact, our Purchasing Department and Sales Representatives are what truly set us apart. They are exceptional people and are always eager to bring special deals to retailers. And, our buyers are dedicated to helping food manufacturers with their over-produced or undersold inventory with creative solutions you won’t find anywhere else!

Many of our team members have been with us for well over a decade. As a company, we value a long-standing relationship over a quick deal.

Our Facilities

We have so much in store for you

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How do we service global food manufacturers and hundreds of independent secondary-market outlets? We do so by providing unmatched service and comprehensive solutions.

With more than 100,000 square feet of warehouse space in West Michigan, we’re able to handle over 1,500 SKUs of frozen, refrigerated and dry grocery products. Our warehouse also includes our FDA/USDA certified repack operations. While square footage may not mean much in words, it means that we receive, package and ship over 200,000 cases each week.

We are strategically located in the heart of the Midwest, making it easier for our fleet of trucks to reach you quickly.


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USDA & FDA Certified Repack Facility

Natural Choice Foods - Certified Repack Facility

In 2019, Natural Choice Foods became one of the only companies in the secondary market to earn USDA & FDA certification for our state-of-the-art food repacking facility, which allows us to repack, rebrand, and resell refrigerated and frozen food products while completely protecting your brand.