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Wholesale Food Supplier & Distributor.

We offer a unique mix of high-quality, wholesome food items that we buy from food vendors across the country. Our full-service solutions, from buying overstock and undersold food to repacking food and re-selling through multiple channels, make us the largest total solution provider in the wholesale food industry.

Whether you’re looking to save on the cost of goods, cover gaps left by your current providers, or want to supply your own private-label brand through our repack offerings, it’s time to consider the Natural Choice.

Variety is Our Strength

We always offer a large variety of commodity products from major food producers. While specific items may change daily, the commodity categories do not.

Top-Shelf Customer Service

Big or small, you get a dedicated and experienced account manager that understands your business. This means we keep an eye out for products you want, and give you suggestions on products we see that we know will work for you.

We Handle the Entire Logistics Process.

Our vendors and customers count on our full-service logistics, shipping coordination, and warehousing capabilities—removing transportation barriers and bottlenecks. Along with our own fleet of refrigerated trucks, this coordinated effort speeds up the process between pickup and processing.

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