Food Buying Tips to Keep Your Summer Event Fresh and Frugal
July 1, 2022

Summer is here! The outside temperature is rising, and so is the cost of just about everything we buy. Can discount food marts help you get the best bang for your buck?

From gas to clothing, Americans are feeling the impact of higher prices. And food certainly isn’t immune to rising costs. The Bureau of Labor Statics recorded that grocery store prices increased by 6.5% throughout 2021, and the costs of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs increased the most, rising 12.5% over the year.

If you’re planning summer gatherings, such as graduation parties, family reunions, picnics, and Fourth of July cook-outs, you may be wondering what to serve guests that won’t break your budget. Many don’t realize that you can save on food costs by shopping at a discount food mart without compromising quality.

Benefits of A Discount Food Mart

Discount food marts work with large manufacturers to repack and sell overstock or closeout food items. Because of this unique relationship, discount food marts can sell products at the lowest possible prices – up to 50% less than other stores. Unlike membership clubs, they are open to the public. Food warehouses offer a variety of grocery items, from dry goods such as cereal and snacks to fresh meats, cheese, fruits, veggies, and many frozen items, such as pizzas, desserts, appetizers, and meals.

You can save every day when you shop at a discount food mart, but you can take a few actions to ensure you’re getting the best prices on the hottest food items.

Keep an Eye on Social Media

Discount food marts have a wide range of inventory, with new items hitting the shelves daily. The best way to stay in the loop on what is available is by following your local store on your favorite social media platform. Food marts will post featured deals and any new or limited availability items.

Sign-up For Exclusive Discount Programs

Check if your local food mart has a free rewards or discount program you can join. You may be eligible for exclusive discounts, complimentary items, or early product access as a rewards member. You’ll also be in the loop on news and events happening at the store, including new inventory, hot items, and customer appreciation days.

Stock up On Non-Perishable Items

Check the weekly featured deals for special pricing on frozen foods and canned goods. With longer expiration dates, meat products, snack foods, and frozen meals maximize your savings. You can purchase these items well in advance and stock up on your favorites.

Be Open-Minded When Shopping at a Discount Food Mart

Because discount food marts are taking advantage of overstock and closeout items from national brands, they carry a wide assortment of products based on what is available. This is how they can sell food items for low prices, but it also means inventory rotates regularly. Be open to trying different food items and alternative brands. You may discover a new favorite snack!

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