Natural Choice Foods Is Celebrating 25 Years!

January 2022 marks our 25th anniversary! Since 1997, we have moved overstock and distressed inventory, giving secondary outlets and independent retailers the opportunity to buy from a discount grocery reseller with a variety of food products to give them a competitive advantage. In addition, we have also helped eliminate food waste by purchasing overstocked and distressed food from manufacturers ultimately making Natural Choice Foods one of the largest total solution providers.

Where It Started 

Natural Choice Foods was founded by father-son duo Nels and Shayne Eisenga, who had more than 30 years of combined experience in the food manufacturing business and a passion for the industry. When we first started, we only had one refrigeration truck. Now we have a fleet of equipment and a warehouse that has over 135,000 square-foot of temperature controlled storage that includes refrigeration units, freezer units, an area for dry storage, and a USDA/FDA certified repacking facility. 

In 2019, Natural Choice Foods became one of the only companies in the secondary market to earn USDA & FDA certification for our state-of-the-art food repacking facility, which allows us to repack, rebrand, and resell refrigerated and frozen food products while completely protecting your brand.

Sell To Us

Food manufacturers across the country rely on our ability to take distressed and overstocked inventory off their hands. While we bundle buy superior, safe overstock food products and help food manufacturers improve their bottom line, we are simply more than an outlet. Due to the ongoing food waste and insecurity epidemic, we also help our suppliers achieve zero waste sustainability goals by reselling food and donating what we can’t sell. 

Buy From Us

We offer a unique mix of high-quality, wholesome food items that we buy from food companies across the country. Whether you’re facing supply chain issues with current food service providers or are looking to augment your current wholesale meat or food supplier, it’s time to consider the Natural Choice. 

We thank you for using our services over the last 25 years, we look forward to serving you for years to come. 

Natural Choice Foods is the place where everyone turns for a great deal. Contact us today to buy from us, sell to us, or repack food products.