Don’t Dump It! Helping Food Companies Avoid Food Waste

Food waste may not be a topic that crosses the mind of an average person in their day-to-day life. Being involved in the food industry requires Natural Choice Foods to take food waste into consideration. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in our country, food waste is estimated to be around 30-40% of the food supply, which equals about 133 billion pounds of food! Not only is it wasteful, but it’s harmful to the environment. The improper decomposition of food in landfills makes up almost 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Commitment to Sell or Donate All Food Items

Our role in the grocery and food industry is buying quality overstock and distressed food items, and selling them into secondary outlets. This practice gives food manufacturers a way to sell off inventory that they are not able to see through their normal channels, and helps them avoid throwing food away.

We purchase full lots, without cherry-picking items we know will sell out. While it is our goal to sell ALL of the products we buy, that is not always the case. Anything we’re unable to sell through our normal channels is then considered for donation to local food pantries and organizations in need. If food manufacturers aren’t able to sell it, they often sell to us. If we’re unable to sell it throughout secondary outlets, then we donate it.

Our goal is to stay within the top two tiers of the food recovery hierarchy: source reduction and feeding hungry people.

Food Packaging & Repackaging

It’s no secret that packaging makes all the difference. The way that food products are packaged impacts their success (or failure) on store shelves. Brands like “Imperfect Foods” are creating a market for products that usually wouldn’t succeed in primary grocery stores.

We also offer repackaging for food items. This is another way that food manufacturers can have their branded or private label products safely repacked into other house brands, and sold through our channels. Through solutions like the Imperfect Foods model and food repacking companies, there are many ways to capture more sales opportunities, meaning less food waste and a better bottom line!

COVID-19’s Impact on Food Waste

As a result of the pandemic, many restaurants were shut down. Many are still facing capacity restrictions and inconsistent customer patterns. So, where does all the pre-purchased, unused food go? Food manufacturers looked for solutions from food re-packers, like Natural Choice. We were able to take overstock food, packaged for food service and restaurants, and repack it into our own house brands or other private labels. These items could then be sold through secondary outlets, all in an effort to reduce food waste.

Let’s Get Started!

Natural Choice Foods is dedicated to finding new solutions and outlets for food companies who may otherwise send their perfectly wholesome products straight to the landfill. We’re able to offer a wide variety of food items to secondary retailers across the US. Whether you’re looking for channels to sell overstock or distressed food inventory, or hoping to buy wholesome grocery and food items for your market, our team is here to help.

Interested in learning more about our commitment and services? Contact us today!