Addition and Expansion of USDA & FDA Certified Repack Facility

In late 2019, we opened our USDA/FDA Certified Repack Facility.  This was another huge step toward offering even more solutions for the food manufacturers we buy from, and more options to the secondary market retailers we sell too. This was a multi-million dollar investment in facility upgrades, staff training, and compliance to achieve the certification for repacking food products. Due to demand from our customers, we are currently building a second facility that is five times the size of the first facility!

Why Open a Repack Facility?

In short, because we saw a need from our customers and vendors. Repacking is the process of safely removing wholesome food items from one package or creating individual packages from bulk overstock items and placing them into a private label package for sale. Repacking reduces food waste by utilizing a new way to sell overstock, distressed, or non-salable food items, while also providing protection for food manufactures and brands who want to maintain control over their brand.

Often, food manufacturers have items that may not fit a food service customer’s size or weight specifications. Rather than discard those items, they are repacked into private label packages, different size packages and sold through retail channels. This is one way we can help our vendors capitalize on items that could go to waste and cost them money.

Private Labels Give Secondary Retailers A Competitive Advantage

Private label and store brand food items are very common. They are high quality in comparison to name brand items, yet often provide a lower price for consumers, and increased margins for retailers.  This is one way we can help our secondary market customers find a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

We also supply our own discount grocery retail stores, Daily Deals Food Outlets. We have 5 locations in the West Michigan area. You can find our Daily Choice brand of private label products there, and many more.

Continued Expansion of New Repack Facility

Since we began repacking fresh and frozen meat and other protein products at our current facility, demand has only increased. As we continued to serve our customers, this area of the business continues to expand. As one of the very few national companies serving the secondary food market to achieve repacking certification, we are building a new and much larger Repack Facility nearby in Marne, Michigan.

Our CEO, Shayne Eisenga said it best, “This repack capability really gives us an advantage, in terms of our relationships with both food manufacturers and with retailers. We’ve been offering this service to our long-time customers and need the additional capacity from the new facility. It’s exciting to be able to market a service that so few can offer.”

If you’re interested in more about our Food Repack Services or buying food items from us, please contact us today, or use the form below.

Natural Choice Foods Repack Facility - Before Construction
Before Construction
Natural Choice Foods Repack Facility - Interior during construction
Interior during construction
Natural Choice Foods Repack Facility - inside during
Inside build out