Five Advantages of Repackaging Food for Food Manufacturing Companies

Food Repackaging is a process where surplus or off-spec food products are re-packaged and rebranded to extend their shelf life and make them marketable again.

Using a food repackaging and processing partner like Natural Choice Foods provides numerous benefits for food manufacturers, including minimizing costs, reducing waste, expanding into different markets, protecting current contracts, and extending the shelf life of products. With a focus on safety and quality, USDA and FDA-certified Natural Choice Foods ensures that food manufacturers can recoup the most value for their overstock food while maintaining absolute brand protection.

Let’s explore the main advantages of using a food repackaging service for overstock food, and why it is a valuable solution for food manufacturing companies.

Reduce Cost and Increase Margins

Repackaging overstock food is an effective way to reduce waste and minimize costs for food manufacturing companies. By repackaging these products, they can be sold instead of discarded, which reduces the amount of waste generated by the company. By partnering with a repackaging expert like Natural Choice Foods, the company can minimize the cost of production and distribution.

Reduce Food Waste

Repackaging overstock food helps reduce food waste and makes food manufacturing companies more sustainable. Food waste is a major issue in the United States, with millions of pounds of perfectly good food being thrown away every day. By safely repackaging their overstock food with a trusted partner like Natural Choice Foods, food manufacturers can reduce the amount of food that goes to waste, making a positive impact on the environment and helping conserve valuable resources. Moreover, repackaging can help food manufacturers meet their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the amount of food waste they produce. This is particularly important, as consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainability and are looking for companies that prioritize environmental responsibility.

Market Expansion & New Revenue Streams

Repackaging overstocked food can help food manufacturers expand into different markets, including alternative food retailers, restaurants and food service, and correctional and mass feeding programs like schools and universities. Through repackaging, food manufacturers can reach new customer segments and generate additional revenue streams.

Alternative food retailers, for example, often have a different customer base than traditional retail stores. By selling their repackaged products to these retailers, food manufacturers can reach a wider audience. Natural Choice Foods operates a chain of secondary retail stores, and works with over 1,00 stores in over 35 states.

Additionally, restaurants and food service providers always look for cost-effective solutions to meet their demand for high-quality food products. Repackaged food can provide them with a cost-effective alternative. Furthermore, mass feeding programs like schools and universities often require large quantities of food products. Repackaged food can provide them with a cost-effective solution to meet their food needs.

Protect Current Contracts

By using a food repackaging service like Natural Choice Foods, food manufacturers can ensure their overstock food is safely repackaged, labeled for resale, and sold through approved channels, giving them the ultimate protection of their brand and current contracts.

Increase Product Life & Benefit Consumers

Repackaging overstock food extends the shelf life of products, making them marketable for longer. This is achieved by ensuring that the products are stored properly, have their freshness and quality maintained, and have updated expiration dates. The extension of the shelf life of food products also benefits consumers who can purchase the products, often at a discounted price, with peace of mind, knowing that they are fresh and safe to consume.

A Leader in Overstock & Closeout Food Items

Looking for a single solution that can help you capture the most value for your food items and still maintain absolute brand protection? Natural Choice Foods ensures your overstock products are safely repackaged and labeled for resale, giving you the ultimate protection of your brand and your bottom line.

Whether you’re looking to recoup costs from your private label products that can’t be sold in regular channels, or you have items that are off-spec, Natural Choice Foods can help you capture the most value from your food items. Contact us today!