Food Manufacturers Overcome the Overstock Blues and Maximize Profits with Natural Choice Foods

Riding the supply and demand wave is a real doozy these days. It may feel like you can’t win. If you navigate the supply chain issues well, you may have more overstock now than before – and with the rising cost of food, consumers’ choices fluctuate, creating disruptions in your carefully planned production schedule.

Food Retailer Expectations

Retailers must manage consumer expectations to protect their image and retain customers. Food manufacturers want to keep our retailers fully stocked with products, so customers don’t turn to competitors, but this can lead to too much food.

Consumers are fickle and trained to pick only the best-looking food that isn’t close to expiration. When product packaging gets damaged during shipping, consumers may believe the product is compromised. Lastly, limited-time promotional items, outdated packaging, or even less popular items are often quickly removed from inventory and thrown away.

Overstock Food Solution

The bottom line is that overstock food that can’t be sold through primary outlets leads to a loss of profitability for the manufacturer. But there is something you can do to prevent waste and mitigate the loss. Natural Choice Foods provides a simple solution for moving more of your overstock products with total brand protection. Here’s how it works.


Natural Choice Foods buys overstock, distressed, off-spec, and outdated products from food manufacturers and distributors. We take it all, so you don’t have to spend time and resources sorting food items for us. We donate and recycle what we can’t use or resell into biofuels, compost, or livestock feed.


Natural Choice Foods safely repackages, labels for resale, and sells overstock food through approved channels, giving you the ultimate protection of your brands and your bottom line. We can repackage fresh or frozen food items into nearly any size package under one of our house brands or your own.

Natural Choice Foods is certified by the USDA for repackaging meat and dairy products. We are also SQF certified, fully understand HACCP compliance, and have metal detection at our repack facility. Our food repackaging options help you capture the most value from your products and include:

  • Individual packages for resale or consumer packaging
  • 5 lb bags for food service
  • Larger family-sized packages for food warehouses and stores
  • Packages into our house brands or your private labels


Natural Choice Foods sells to stores nationwide, including some of our own, and to correctional and mass feeding programs. Our high-tech traceability and safety investments ensure that products are safe for the public. We provide real-time traceability on your product’s location at any given time, so you can be confident that we are only putting your brands where they belong.

Food manufacturers across the country rely on Natural Choice Foods to protect their brand, maximize profitability, and help eliminate food waste. We can repack over 1 million pounds of food per month. Repacking overstock foods with Natural Choice Foods is the easiest way to protect your current contracts, reputation, and bottom line.

Sell to Natural Choice Foods and overcome the overstock blues. Contact us today!