How Top Food Manufacturers Benefit from Partnering with a USDA & FDA Certified Food Repack Facility
January 18, 2023

Food manufacturers gain many benefits from using food repackaging facilities. Food repackaging services help manufacturers save money and resources and prevent food waste. But not all food repackaging facilities are created equal.

Partnering with a USDA and FDA-certified food repackaging facility ensures that your food products adhere to the strict food safety standards set by the government, even when repackaged and sold in secondary markets. In addition, your products are safely repacked into private label packaging, eliminating risk to your brand. Let’s explore the benefits of utilizing a USDA and FDA-certified food repacking facility and how it can help food manufacturers reduce costly waste and protect their margins.

Benefits of Food Repackaging

First, it’s essential to understand a food repackaging facility’s role. A food repackaging facility takes overstock, distressed, product seconds, or non-sellable food products and repackages the items for resale in a secondary market. Repackaging facilities are designed to ensure the safety and quality of the food products being handled, often including temperature-controlled environments and strict hygiene protocols. Using food repackaging facilities helps reduce food waste, protect food manufacturers’ margins, and increase the convenience and accessibility of food products for consumers.

Natural Choice Foods is USDA and FDA Certified

Natural Choice Foods is one of the few companies in the secondary food market to gain FDA and USDA certification. To be a USDA and FDA-certified repackaging facility requires meeting strict standards and requirements set by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) for handling and repacking food products safely and hygienically. This includes following good manufacturing practices (GMPs), having the necessary controls to prevent foodborne illness, and ensuring the safety and quality of the food products it repacks. Natural Choice Foods is the partner you can trust to repack your products safely.

Why Choose a USDA & FDA Certified Food Repack Facility

Partnering with a USDA and FDA-certified food repackaging facility offers numerous benefits to your business.

Improved Food Safety and Quality Control

One of the main advantages of working with a USDA and FDA-certified facility is the improved food safety and quality control measures that are in place. Natural Choice Foods must follow strict guidelines and protocols to make certain that the food being repackaged is handled safely and accurately. This helps prevent foodborne illness and other health hazards and ensures that the food meets the highest quality standards. It also keeps your brand’s quality and reputation intact.

Compliance with Regulations and Industry Standards

Another important benefit is compliance with all relevant regulations and industry standards. Our facility is regularly inspected and must adhere to strict guidelines to maintain USDA and FDA certifications. As a result, when you partner with Natural Choice Foods, you can have confidence that your products are being handled and repackaged in a way that meets all legal and industry requirements.

Enhanced Reputation and Trust Among Customers

Partnering with a certified food repackaging facility can enhance your reputation and customer trust. Consumers today are increasingly concerned about the safety and quality of the food they purchase. Working with a certified facility can help reassure customers that your products meet the highest standards. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Cost Savings from Efficient and Reliable Repackaging Processes

Another benefit of working with a certified facility is the potential for cost savings through more efficient and reliable repackaging processes. Natural Choice Food’s state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and trained staff to ensure that the repackaging process is as smooth and efficient as possible. Our 155,000-square-foot distribution center has temperature-controlled docks, a 50,000-square-foot freezer with increased ambient and cooler space, and a sample test kitchen. This helps reduce waste, lower costs, and increase your profitability.

Reduction of Food Waste and Increased Sustainability

Finally, partnering with a certified food repackaging facility can help lower food waste and increase sustainability. Natural Choice Foods follows best practices to minimize waste and ensure that all food is handled and repackaged to maximize its shelf life and reduce the risk of spoilage. By partnering with a certified food repackaging company, manufacturers can reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable food system.

Premier Food Repackaging Capabilities with Natural Choice Foods

Whether you’re looking to recoup costs from your private label products that can’t be sold in regular channels, or you have items that are off-spec, Natural Choice Foods can ensure your items are repackaged safely, labeled for resale, and sold through approved channels, giving you the ultimate protection of your brands and your bottom line.

Our USDA and FDA certified repack facility has the capacity to repack over 1 million pounds of food per month into nearly any size package under one of our house brands or your own. We offer real-time traceability on all packages, so in the event of a recall or other issue, we can track where any item went at any time. We sell to stores all over the country, including some of our own, as well as correctional and mass-feeding programs.

To learn more about our USDA and FDA certified food repacking capabilities, contact us today!