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Wholesale Food Supplier Benefits

March 2, 2022
wholesale food supplier

The pandemic has been a source of economic stress for several industries, resulting in mass inflation and supply chain issues. The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization found that food prices in January 2022 were at their highest since 2011. This has made it hard for restaurants, correctional institutions, schools, and healthcare facilities to stay on budget and keep foods in stock. When you partner with Natural Choice Foods a wholesale food supplier, we ensure you receive competitive pricing and high-quality food products.     Cost Saving Benefits of partnering with a Wholesale Food Supplier As a wholesale food supplier, we buy …

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Expiration Date Misconceptions & How to Reduce Food Waste

February 7, 2022
Ways to prevent food waste - expiration date misconception

One of the most effective ways to prevent food waste is to understand what expiration dates actually imply. Did you know that more than 80% of Americans throw away food because they misunderstand expiration dates? You can help do your part in breaking the food waste cycle by better understanding these food labels. Being in the distressed food market, we have a great understanding of food labeling regulations. We are here to help break down the labels and misconceptions regarding expiration dates. Understanding the Basics of Food Labels Best If Used By/ Before – This simply guarantees when a product …

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Natural Choice Foods Is Celebrating 25 Years!

January 6, 2022

January 2022 marks our 25th anniversary! Since 1997, we have moved overstock and distressed inventory, giving secondary outlets and independent retailers the opportunity to buy from a discount grocery reseller with a variety of food products to give them a competitive advantage. In addition, we have also helped eliminate food waste by purchasing overstocked and distressed food from manufacturers ultimately making Natural Choice Foods one of the largest total solution providers. Where It Started  Natural Choice Foods was founded by father-son duo Nels and Shayne Eisenga, who had more than 30 years of combined experience in the food manufacturing business …

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How To Prevent Food Waste During the Holidays

December 3, 2021
How To Prevent Food Waste During The Holidays Blog Header

The holiday season brings a lot of magic to the table, from spending quality time with friends and family to the abundance of delicious food. While the overwhelming amount of food may be enticing short-term the long-term effects are significantly contributing to the food waste crisis. While enjoying mouthwatering homemade meals is a wonderful part of the holiday season, implementing some simple changes can reduce your food waste and support a healthy environment. Follow these simple tips to save time, money, and our planet this holiday season because preventing food waste is the gift that keeps on giving. Tips for …

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Press Release: New Headquarters Open to Support Growth

November 1, 2021
Natural Choice Foods New Headquarters Aerial shot

As a national leader in overstock and closeout food buying and reselling, we’re thrilled to celebrate the opening of our new West Michigan facility. After nearly a year and a half of construction, the West Michigan-based company Natural Choice Foods has opened the doors to its new headquarters, including tripling the size of warehouse and freezer space. The new property located in Marne, Michigan – just northwest of Grand Rapids – originally included a 60,000 square foot building, which has since been expanded to 135,000 square feet, with room to support continued growth. The entire facility is outfitted with an …

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The Food Recovery Hierarchy

October 6, 2021

In an effort to manage food more sustainably, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the Food Recovery Hierarchy. The Food Recovery Hierarchy is a reverse pyramid that prioritizes actions businesses and organizations can take to prevent food waste. The Six Tiers There are six tiers listed from most preferred to least preferred in terms of reducing food waste. The first level is source reduction, which reduces the volume of surplus food generated. Businesses and individuals can learn to effectively prevent the flow of wasted flow by inventorying supplies and buying less. The next level is feeding hungry people, which focuses …

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Non-Food Waste Sustainability Efforts

September 1, 2021
Non-Food Waste Sustainability Efforts blog image

Natural Choice Foods has partnered with West-Michigan based recycling company, Padnos. Their company makes it easy to recycle nonferrous metals, plastics, papers, and electronic scrap, all of which we produce in our office spaces and warehouse. Our team thought, if our overall mission is to take steps towards saving the environment, why haven’t we expanded our efforts beyond food waste? So, that’s exactly what we did.   We’re dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to scrapping all waste, including non-food waste. Any and all paper, plastic, cardboard and metal we use is now being sent to Padnos where it will be …

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Our New West Michigan Warehouse Ribbon Cutting

August 24, 2021

We are excited to announce that construction for our new warehouse and freezer space is complete! This has been a major step that began as a conversation about growth and our future ten years ago. Over the past 17 months, a period of time that has been universally difficult for most, the team has worked day in and day out to make this move a reality. Throughout the month of August we will be making the move from Comstock Park to Marne where our new facility is located and the new space will allow for continued growth and expansion for …

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Sustainability Efforts Continue. Zero Waste is Our Goal

July 20, 2021

Food Waste to Energy & Animal Nutrition To further our sustainability efforts, we’re working with Perfect Circle Recycling to turn any food waste we may have into energy and animal feed. We now have access to technology that allows us to dispose of food-related products before undergoing an anaerobic process that breaks it down into compressed natural gas (CNG), biofuel and more. This same technology allows us to turn any excess waste into animal feed, which aids local farmers. Scrapping the “Other Stuff” Not only are we finding new ways to diminish food waste, but we’re also prioritizing sustainable ways …

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How Has COVID-19 Impacted Food Waste?

May 27, 2021

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has had a significant effect on many aspects of our lives. No large gatherings, social distancing requirements, and shortages of toilet paper to name a few. However, as we return to “normal” life, it’s important to also consider the ways the pandemic impacted our food system. The Problem Food waste is not a new issue-you can learn more about it in one of our recent blog posts. Around 40% of the food we grow is never eaten, but the past year has resulted in a drastic increase in food waste. As restaurants, schools, and hotels …

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