Real-Time Product Traceability

When buying and selling overstock food, safety should be a top priority. In the case of a recall or an audit, it’s important to know the exact location of any food item. That’s why Natural Choice Foods has made significant investments in technology and training, allowing us to provide real-time traceability on any single product that enters or leaves our facility. We never leave anyone guessing. 


Our tracking capabilities provide increased visibility over multiple levels of our business processes. Our technology traces all food items entering and leaving our facility, allowing us to analyze productivity throughout the numerous levels of production. Not only does this hold us accountable, but it reduces the margin for human error.

Rapport With Suppliers

Since we’re able to track food items from each of our suppliers, we use this information to assess which suppliers yielded higher quality products. Building relationships with preferred suppliers means we can negotiate better deals, guaranteeing higher quality food for our customers.

Quick Turnaround

If there’s anything that sets Natural Choice Foods apart from other overstock food buyers and resellers, it’s our traceability technology. We provide food items to over 1,000 secondary outlet stores in 35 states, which makes tracing food products crucial. We have the ability to confirm the location (customer, delivery date, and other details) of products within hours, while other secondary retailers could take days, or even weeks. 

Protecting Your Brand Reputation

Food manufacturers around the country rely on us to take their overstock and distressed food off their hands. Natural Choice Foods recognizes and values the importance of your brand reputation. We’ve dedicated a significant amount to traceability, so our customers can feel confident that we’re only putting their brands where they belong.