Restaurants Gain the Edge in Their Markets with an Overstock Wholesale Food Supplier
October 14, 2022

Gaining and maintaining a competitive edge in the restaurant industry is a challenge. Customer tastes fluctuate, and new competitors are constantly entering the market. In addition to staying on top of trends, restaurants face supply chain issues, labor shortages, and rising food costs.

While you can’t control your customers or competition, savvy restaurateurs are looking at new ways to reduce costs and maintain their margins. No matter the size or style of your restaurant, you can benefit from using an overstock wholesale food supplier. Using an overstock wholesale food supplier like Natural Choice Foods helps restaurants enhance the dining experience for their customers without sacrificing profits.

What is an Overstock Food Supplier

Overstock food suppliers purchase overstock and distressed food inventory from food manufacturers and repackage and resell the food products to secondary outlets, food service programs, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and more. Overstock food suppliers sell products at a substantial discount compared to other food service distributors. Restaurants gain many benefits when they work with an overstock wholesale food supplier.

Higher Margins

When food manufacturers have overstock or distressed food that can’t be sold, it leads to financial loss and food waste. But they cut their losses by selling these items to a USDA and FDA-certified repacking facility like Natural Choice Foods. Natural Choice Foods purchases premium overstock and distressed food items direct from food manufacturers at a substantially lower price. We pass that discount to our customers and protect your margins without sacrificing quality.

Special Offers & Menu Updates

Relevant restaurants change their menus to stay in the market. “Restaurants must evolve and change their menus for the main reason that not only do your clients get bored, but your staff does as well. To stay relevant, you must challenge yourself and your team, and this inspires the entire restaurant to be sharp,” says Chicago-based Chef Carrie Nahabedian, owner of NAHA and recipient of four Michelin stars. “This is what keeps clients coming back.”

Natural Choice Foods carries a wide range of food products, including refrigerated and frozen meats and proteins, appetizers, frozen foods, and dry groceries. Our inventory always includes new and fresh items. Restaurants can take advantage of the variety in our stock and low prices to add specials to their menu. It’s also a great way to test a new food offering without breaking the bank.

Save Time

The food supply chain is complex. Restaurants often work with multiple vendors and suppliers. Managing your food suppliers can be a full-time job, especially when you need to gather quotes from various vendors. With Natural Choice Foods, you can be confident that you always receive the best price on fresh, quality food items. Reduce the time you spend sourcing and quoting food items with Natural Choice Foods.

You have enough on your plate to run the day-to-day operations of your restaurant. Natural Choice Foods combines selection with personalized service and communication to ensure your restaurant receives quality products when you need them, without the higher price tag. We provide complete visibility into food stock options and make delivery easy for our restaurant customers.

As bottom line operational expenses continue to rise due to food prices, supply chain issues, and staffing, our team at Natural Choice Foods can provide you with cost-saving, high-quality menu items. Save money on your total food costs and gain a competitive advantage – contact us today!