The Misconceptions About Overstock & Distressed Items in the Food Industry

Food waste is an unfortunate part of the food industry in the United States. According to the USDA, food waste is estimated to be between 30-40 percent of the food supply in this country. A misconception that contributes to this statistic, is the superficial perception we tend to have on “imperfect”, overstock or distressed foods. However, Natural Choice Foods is dedicated to reducing unnecessary food waste through our commitment to bundle buy overstock and distressed food items and resell them safely in other channels.

Our Role in the Overstock Industry

As overstock food buyers, many assume that we are “junk dealers” - because we buy items that are not saleable through traditional grocery channels. This misconception is usually based on brokers who are out there buying select items that they know they can sell quickly and leaving the rest. These brokers aren’t willing to pay a fair price, often cannot be trusted to seel through designated channels, mishandle products, cannot provide audit trails and more.

We take ownership of the food items we buy, we don’t “cherry-pick” inventory because we have a larger network of secondary retailers to sell too. Food companies do not need the haggling, hassling or unnecessary noise that brokers and others bring to the table. Our role is different – we are a total solution for food companies.

Our vision and mission at Natural Choice Foods is different. We value ongoing partnerships, working with transparency with our suppliers and our customers every single day. We take pride in our ability to bundle buy, inventory and resell wholesome food products. We also have 5 clean, organized and welcoming secondary retail stores of our own, which provide an incredible value to the communities we’re in.

What makes Natural Choice Foods different?

There is no one company that can do or deliver what we do, all with a dedicated representative available to answer any questions or concerns you have.

  • We buy, not broker, excess and distressed grocery items and guarantee brand protection for national brand food manufacturers.
  • We follow all restrictions placed by vendors
  • We can repack your private labels. We have a 10,000 sq ft USDA and FDA certified food repack facility which allows us to repack, rebrand and resell refrigerated and frozen products.
  • We own and operate 150,000 square feet of refrigerated, frozen and dry food warehouse capabilities
  • Our logistics team coordinates the pickup and delivery of thousands of orders every week, managing over 1500 SKUs.
  • And, we have our own secondary outlet stores, so we understand the importance of the product breadth, mix and low prices.
  • Our processes ensure we hold frozen product for no more than 6 months
  • Proprietary software tracking ensures brand protection through any audit or recall. We guarantee it!

Customer Service Comes First

The other guys, or those “junk dealers” are only looking for their next deal. They call when they need something or have a deal to offer you. Here, our vendors and customers have a dedicated account person. These relationships at every level in our organization are very important to our company and our culture.

Industry Leading Overstock & Closeout Food Buyers

We are the single resource for moving more overstock food products with total brand protection, guaranteed. It’s our mission to make the work of those in the industry more productive, profitable and most importantly more sustainable

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