Expiration Date Misconceptions & How to Reduce Food Waste
February 7, 2022

One of the most effective ways to prevent food waste is to understand what expiration dates actually imply. Did you know that more than 80% of Americans throw away food because they misunderstand expiration dates? You can help do your part in breaking the food waste cycle by better understanding these food labels. Being in the distressed food market, we have a great understanding of food labeling regulations. We are here to help break down the labels and misconceptions regarding expiration dates.

Understanding the Basics of Food Labels

  • Best If Used By/ Before – This simply guarantees when a product has the best quality or flavor. It does not have any correlation to food safety.
  • Sell By – This is used as the date set by manufacturers to instruct retailers when to take the product off the shelves. Retailers want to make sure that customers have the best quality products.
  • Use By – This guarantees the last date in which the products will be of their best quality. Depending on the product, foods shouldn’t be consumed after the use-by date for safety reasons.

Why You Should Buy from Us

Natural Choice Foods purchases overstocked/distressed food and resells it to discount stores, restaurants, correctional facilities, healthcare facilities, universities, and more. This includes food items that may be close to or past the “sell-by” date but are still safe to consume.

Our USDA & FDA certified repack facility allows us to safely repack food products. We provide brand protection and create higher margins through private label products. When you buy wholesale foods from us, you get something even more valuable than high-quality food products at low prices. You get an experienced account manager who will find you the hottest products and deliver them at the best pricing all with responsive service and clear communication.

Other Ways to Prevent Food Waste

As a consumer, you can shop at discount stores like Daily Deals Food Outlets and save more than just money. You also help save perfectly good food that is no longer saleable through regular channels and prevent food waste. Discount outlets are a major part of the grocery supply chain. They often offer much lower prices than what consumers will find in major grocery retail stores.

Natural Choice Foods is on a mission to achieve zero waste throughout our operations. These sustainability goals all play a role in ending food waste. Click here to learn more, and contact us if you have any questions.