Wholesale Food Supplier Benefits
March 2, 2022

The pandemic has been a source of economic stress for several industries, resulting in mass inflation and supply chain issues. The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization found that food prices in January 2022 were at their highest since 2011. This has made it hard for restaurants, correctional institutions, schools, and healthcare facilities to stay on budget and keep foods in stock. When you partner with Natural Choice Foods a wholesale food supplier, we ensure you receive competitive pricing and high-quality food products.    

Cost Saving Benefits of partnering with a Wholesale Food Supplier

As a wholesale food supplier, we buy overstock food items from food companies throughout the country. We buy it, warehouse it safely, and repack it for food service or retail. We then resell it to food service programs at colleges, nursing homes, correctional facilities, restaurants, and more. 

When we inventory, repack, and resell these items to programs like yours, we give you discounted pricing on quality food items you need. Oftentimes at a fraction of the cost you’d see from other suppliers or grocery stores. This allows you to stay on budget while also offering high-quality food!

Fight Inventory and Supply Chain Issues

Whether you’re facing increased costs or supply chain issues with current food service providers or are looking to augment your current wholesale food supplier, Natural Choice Foods is here to help.

With more than 100,000 square feet of warehouse space in West Michigan, we’re able to handle over 1,500 SKUs of frozen, refrigerated, and dry grocery products. Our warehouse also includes our FDA/USDA certified repack operations. Square footage may not mean much in words. However, it means that we receive, package and ship over 200,000 cases each week. We are also strategically located in the heart of the Midwest. This makes it easier for our fleet of trucks to reach you quickly!

While our specific food inventory may change daily, account managers keep customers informed. They inform customers about the latest inventory items, hottest deals and daily values on a variety of items. These items include refrigerated meats, frozen meats, dairy products, appetizers, frozen foods, beverages, snacks, packaged foods, dry grocery, and more!

Stop trying to find lower-cost wholesale food suppliers or distributors and make the Natural Choice. See how we can help you supplement your food program with special buys and options for high-quality, wholesome food items for less. Contact us today to learn more!