How Wholesale Food Suppliers Help Your Business Beat Rising Food Costs

The food industry saw some of the most significant price increases last year. According to a recent Forbes article, meat, poultry, fish, and eggs have risen in cost by 13.7%, and fruits and vegetables by 7%. And there doesn’t appear to be relief any time soon. The USA Today reported that the USDA’s Economic Research Service’s March 2022 report predicts another 5% rise in food prices.

Rising food costs put organizations that depend on or are required to offer food service as part of their operations in a difficult spot. They need to make tough decisions such as taking away budgets from other priorities or compromising food quality and variety. This is where wholesale food suppliers can help. A food wholesaler resells the high-quality items at substantial cost savings over traditional food suppliers. They do this by purchasing overstock and distressed food items from leading food companies.

Learn more about how the top food-dependent industries can benefit from working with a wholesale food supplier.


It’s no secret the last few years have been a challenge for restaurants. Mandatory shutdowns, supply chain issues, and staff shortages impact how restaurant owners must operate. Balancing quality food and a variety of offerings while protecting margins is more important than ever. A wholesale food supplier can help restaurants create unique menu items and offer incredible specials for customers with budget-friendly solutions.

Colleges & Universities

A high-quality and diverse food offering can help colleges and universities attract more students in this competitive higher-education market. The need for a broad food offering must be balanced with budget-friendly options. A food wholesaler helps higher education institutions offer various menu options and keep food costs low. This allows colleges and universities to meet the food expectations of students and staff while maintaining a margin on food program revenue.

Correctional Facilities

Whether you’re managing food program budgets for a federal prison, county or local jail, or a work release style program, you know that controlling food costs is a critical responsibility. At the same time, the food must be nutritious, accommodate religious beliefs and meet the needs of prisoners who have food-related medical requirements, such as diabetes or food allergies. A wholesale food supplier helps correctional facilities meet food budget requirements and meet the needs of a diverse inmate and employee population.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities can have a very complex food service department. Large hospitals often have multiple cafeterias for visitors and staff and in-room food service for patients. Healthcare facilities can serve hundreds of people a day, sometimes around the clock. For long-term facilities, such as senior living and nursing homes, food service is a differentiator and an integral part of the community social offering. Within any healthcare establishment, nutrition and food quality are of utmost importance. Patients must have a variety of food choices that are well presented and meet any dietary or medical guidelines.  A wholesale food supplier can offer healthcare dieticians and food service staff an ever-changing supply of quality, wholesale food items to meet budget and nutritional requirements.

Mission-Based Organizations

Many non-profit organizations, such as churches or homeless shelters rely on donations and grants to fund meal services. But contributions aren’t always consistent, which can cause stress when patrons depend on or expect food service. Wholesale food providers help mission-based organizations meet food program goals regarding food quality spending requirements.

The increase in food costs will force many organizations to make tough decisions. Without alternative options, budgets may have to be stripped from other priorities to cover the costs, or quality and variety may be compromised. Using a wholesale food supplier like Natural Choice Foods lessens this burden.

Natural Choice Foods helps organizations save money while enhancing their food offering. When working with Natural Choice Foods, you’ll have the help of a dedicated representative. They will keep you updated with new food products, special buys, and hot deals. You won’t have to compromise food quality and variety for cost savings.

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