Repacking & Private Label Foods

Looking for a single solution that can help you capture the most value for your food items and still maintain absolute brand protection? Look no further.

Whether you’re looking to recoup costs from your private label products that can’t be sold in regular channels or you have items that are off-spec, Natural Choice Foods can ensure your items are repackaged safely, labeled for resale and sold through approved channels, giving you the ultimate protection of your brands and your bottom line.

Repackaging and Processing Partner

Brand protection, guaranteed

Our high volume purchasing power of high-quality protein products allows us to resell them at a lower cost. We can help food companies with product sourcing and provide professionally packaged products with your branding or one of our house brands.


Our buying power and logistics network give food manufacturers and distributors another source for high-quality food items packaged and labeled based on your requirements.


Our quality food items and state-of-the-art USDA and FDA certified repack facility keep your brand's quality and reputation intact.


We can provide - or simply repack - refrigerated or frozen food items in nearly any size packages under one of our house brands or your own.


We provide lot numbers and tracking on all packages, ensuring in the event of any audit or recall, we can track where any item went at any time.


We sell to stores all over the country, including some of our own, as well as correctional and mass feeding programs. Whether you need items delivered to your stores or your distribution centers, our logistics team delivers. Your Choice.

Expanded USDA & FDA Certified Repack Facility

As one of the few companies nationally—in the secondary market—to gain FDA and USDA certification in repacking food products, Natural Choice Foods is the partner you can trust to safely repack your products into private label packaging, eliminating any risk to your brand.

In our recently expanded certified repack facility, our trained staff safely repacks fresh and frozen food products for our customers. We have the capacity to repack over 1 million pounds of food per month.

Our new corporate headquarters also includes:

155,000 sqft. distribution center

155,000 Sqft.
Distribution Center


Temperature Controlled Docks

50,000 sqft. freezer with increased ambient and cooler space

50,000 Sqft. Freezer
w/ increased ambient & cooler space

50,000 sqft. freezer with increased ambient and cooler space

Sample Test Kitchen

Food Packaging Capabilities

Our capabilities continue to expand to meet the needs of the food companies we work with. This includes a wide range of food packaging options to help you capture the most value from your products.

  • Individual packages for resale or consumer packaging
  • 5lb bags for foodservice
  • Larger family-sized packages for food warehouses and stores
  • Packages into our house brands or your own private labels

Our Priorities: Food Quality & Safety

Natural Choice Foods has invested in creating an exceptionally safe environment for our customers. We are SQF certified, fully understand HACCP compliance, and have metal detection in place at our repack facility. Natural Choice guarantees safe and quality food.

We will take your private label overstock, distressed, product seconds or non-sellable food products and repack them. It’s the easiest and safest way for you to protect your current contracts, your reputation, and your bottom line.

Interested in talking repack? Contact us today.