Correctional Food Service Distributor

Organizations, like correctional facilities, prisons and jails that serve meals to offenders, and even staff, can buy wholesale food items from us, reducing meal costs.

Whether you're managing feeding program budgets for a federal prison, county or local jail or a work release style program, you know that controlling food costs is a critical responsibility.

Through our exceptional buying power and work with leading food companies across the country, we’re able to buy their overstock or distressed food items for less. We then inventory, repackage and resell these items to programs like yours – giving you unique and special pricing on quality food items you need.

Correctional Facilities We Serve

  • Federal & State Prisons
  • Private Correctional Facilities
  • City or County Jails

Food Items We Provide

  • Low cost, high-quality proteins like chicken, beef and pork
  • Frozen appetizers and desserts
  • Dry storage food items

Stop trying to find lower-cost food suppliers or distributors and make the Natural Choice. See how we can help you supplement your prison feeding program with special buys and options for high-quality, wholesome food items for less.

Save money on your total correctional facility feeding program, contact us today.

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